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What is a concussion?


How do I know if I have a concussion and what should I do if I am concussed?


Think twice before immediately returning to a sports game if you've knocked your head. Concussion is not a game. Also rest and take a break from getting on with work or anything you were doing if you have received a blow to your head, or fallen and hit your head, or have a headache after even only your back, shoulder or chest has received a traumatic blow, causing your head to violently snap back or forward, even if the headache you have is mild and you generally feel fine.


Being concussed will obviously be more evident to you and those around you if you've actually been knocked unconscious, but even if you haven't lost consciousness, you may still be suffering from a mild concussion and you need to be careful not to immediately carry on with what you were doing, as this may cause more trauma to the brain which has not had enough chance to recover. Any damage to the brain during concussion, where the brain has not been given a full chance to recover, could become worse and the severity of the concussion could become more permanent.


Your head doesn't even have to come into contact with anything for you to lose consciousness or become mildly concussed. It's the violent shifting of the brain inside the skull that has caused the trauma. This trauma may possibly show itself as mild amnesia, or more commonly, depression, and often only some time after the accident causing the brain injury.


If someone else has caused your brain trauma, even when it's something you think of as only a mild concussion, a lawyer such as a traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you understand your rights regarding the accident or incident. A traumatic brain injury lawyer is familiar with cases like yours and speaking to a traumatic brain injury lawyer will help you understand what has happened, and what you can do about it.


Your brain floats in a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid, which acts as a protective cushion for the brain, keeping it from bumping into your skull. The cerebrospinal fluid is like the padding in a helmet that helps protect your skull in the event of accidents, or bumps to your head, except with the brain the skull now becomes the helmet, and the cerebrospinal fluid becomes the padding. When the head receives a particularly hard knock, the cerebrospinal fluid offers little protection.


It is mostly the mid brain and diencephalon that is affected by concussion. The different sections of the brain are joined together with cells and damage to these cells during an accident or whenever receiving a hard blow to the head can be traumatic for the brain, and similar to when a person has a convulsion, whether or not you have a convulsion when you are concussed, as the normal functioning of these cells is disrupted when you injure your head. Other sections of the brain that may be injured during brain trauma include the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe.


Correctly diagnosing a concussion, or how serious it is, cannot be accomplished by only checking the results of a CT scan, as a CT scan detects how a brain looks and does not detect the normal functioning, or not, of the brain. A CT scan should not be totally ignored, however, as, depending on the severity of the head injuries, and particular or amount of obvious concussion symptoms, it can help detect traumatic brain injuries that may be worse than that of a mild concussion. Neurocognitive testing is becoming more important in testing the normal functioning of the brain. Neurocognitive testing, using software like the ImPact Test, can help monitor a patient's concussion symptoms like amnesia, nausea, headaches, short attention span, irritability, and depression, to determine how serious they are.


Concussion can be very serious and should be given more attention. It is important to consult with a brain injury lawyer if somebody else caused your brain trauma. As an expert in presenting cases before a jury and with extensive experience in brain injury cases, I can help you evaluate your case, and explain your possible entitlement to money compensation for your concussion.


The purpose of this web article is not to make comment about an individual's personal choices, but is intended to educate you about concussion.

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Before deciding to obtain care, treatment, or to determine a diagnosis, please consult with a licensed physician, and concerning your legal rights please consult with a lawyer. Warning: Do not let any medical or legal concerns wait because of any information you have read on this website.


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